I met Appolina through a homeschool program for my daughter and I quickly identified her as someone who sparkled with positivity. She has a beautiful smile and she lights up a room with her presence. We were lucky to have been teamed up with her for our journey through homeschool.

Here are a few gems from Appolina’s interview:

She tends to judges herself too harshly, she admits but is practicing self-care and positive talk every day.

She wants her daughter to be ahead of her as far as self-confidence and positive self-talk.

Appolina remembers being in her teens and wearing a t-shirt over her bathing suit because of body image issues and wants her daughter to be confident at every stage of her life.

“We need to appreciate ourselves in every moment.”

She is trying to be self-aware and really celebrate her age now because she realizes how important it is to be in the moment.

Her children need to see their mom be happy with who she is so they can grow up happy with themselves from having a positive role model.

She feels most beautiful when she is gardening, playing tennis, or anything where she loses herself in the moment. She isn’t worried about anything other than that activity and herself and that feeds her soul.

As she gets older, she realizes that she doesn’t want to be 85 and worried about being in a bathing suit so she practices not caring today. And as she gets older she cares less and less.

She is still figuring out the best way to raise a strong and confident daughter. Her philosophy is to be kinder to herself so that she can be kinder to her daughter. It has caused her judgments that she held previously to disappear and she can focus on the more positive aspects of herself and her daughter.

Starting to be in more pictures now so she can look back and look how good she looked in her 40’s. It is part of celebrating herself at every stage of her life.

All women can be beautiful – just rock what you got! Outward beauty may fade, but a beautiful smile and positivity can’t.

Fight through the negative thoughts because if we have a thousand lives or just one, it is important to be the best we can be at all times.

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