About the project!


I wanted to give you all a bit of a background so you can see why this project means so much to me. Some of you know me personally and you know that I have four girls that are my world. These girls are truly my masterpieces and I am beyond proud of them. So when I see my girls' struggle with their self-image, anxiety, and an eating disorder, I feel my heart break piece by piece. I had to look within myself and seek an answer as to why my little girls were suffering and how could I stop their pain? And am I the cause?

This project is really a journey for me to start loving myself and in turn, allow my girls to see their mom love herself. I realized that while I was thinking I was building up my girls' confidence, I was tearing me down in front of them. Was this hard for the girls to see their mom not being kind to herself? I imagine so.

I want to make sure that my girls and other children, women, men, people understand that we all are beautiful and worthy. This project came to me while I was sitting in the morning by myself thinking about my daughter in treatment for an eating disorder and just how do I tell her that she is beautiful so she believes it? I think of the airplane monolog we all hear when the flight attendant comes on over the loudspeaker and tells us to make sure to grab the oxygen mask and put it on yourself first before we put it on our child's face. We, as parents, need to take care of us before we can fully take care of our children. I do believe that. But it is a struggle for sure.

So here I am. Taking care of myself and making sure that I love myself so my kids can love themselves. Wholly.