What is beauty to you?


I started this project to capture the beauty of everyday people. We don’t often enough celebrate ourselves as being beautiful. I want to help others recognize their own beauty, despite what society tells us. Everyone has beauty, I want to capture the essence of that and share their stories. This is a journey for all of us starting with my own desire to love and appreciate myself.


What do I want from this project?

I want people to accept themselves as who they are and not rely on society’s standard of beauty.

I want people to love themselves and be confident in their skin.

I want people to feel beautiful despite not meeting the norm of society.

I want children to grow up without any doubt in themselves.

I want people to embrace the thought “Eff your beauty standards!”


How can you help in this movement?

Sign up today! When you sign up with The Beauty Project, you will complete 5 questions about your views on beauty. You will then be able to schedule a photo session with me so that we can capture your beauty! I will talk with you about your views on beauty and how we can shape the world in acceptance.